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Before Christmas we were very pleased to see this very handsome chap for his booster...meet Dougal!

Dougal came in to see vet Lotte out of hours when he came home one morning howling and dragging his back legs- having bravely managed to get himself home after having been hit by a car.

When he first came in Dougal was in shock and it was touch and go to whether he was going to make it through those first critical hours. Lotte managed to stabilise him but her diagnostic tests showed he had multiple problems, all very serious, that needed addressing; he had a low red blood cell number, a very high level of one of the vital electrolytes (potassium), a leak in his bladder and to top it all off a dislocated hip.

Lotte worked tirelessly through the weekend and the subsequent week to fix all these problems. She catheterised his bladder- flushing it every day to make sure he could wee. She relocated his hip and managed to support him so his body could start to replenish its own red blood cells.

Since that week Dougal has been at home and hasn't looked back and when he came to visit Lotte for his booster we were glad to hear he is completely back to normal and jumping over that wall again. We've taken some photos of him looking much better in his booster and also some photos of his pelvis- one before it was relocated and the other showing the hip back in the socket.

Its always good to see when cases like Dougal reap the benefits of our own, on-site, 24/7 first class emergency service; with round the clock nursing care and one of our own trusted vets on call all the time.

We are always here if you need us.
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Ziva & Wispa the following day after a complete recovery.

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