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Pet Passports

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

dog on holiday with sunglassesThis has been simplified as of 1st January 2012. This information applies to dogs, cats & ferrets. To obtain a pet passport, your pet will need:

o A microchip – this must be done prior to the rabies vaccination

o Rabies Vaccination – details of this will be written in the PETS passport

o PETS Passport completion – this takes a little while so we’ll ask you to collect this another day

o Your pet may travel to Europe 21 days after the Rabies vaccination.

Will my Pet need a Health Certificate?

o European countries will accept an animal with a PETS passport and won’t require a health certificate. However, it is your responsibility to contact DEFRA to ascertain the specific requirements and organise paperwork if necessary. This should be done well in advance to ensure requirements are met and paperwork has arrived at the practice.

o Some Non-European health certificates have very precise requirements including blood and sometimes, faecal tests. There can be considerable expense involved in preparing a dog for export to these countries e.g. Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s a link to the DEFRA website for more detailed information

Getting your pet back into the UK

In order to get your pet back home you will need:

o For dogs only – Your dog will need to be treated for tapeworms by a vet 24-120 hrs prior to your return to the UK. This will be recorded in your pet’s passport by the Vet.

Day trippers will need this done in the UK before travelling.

We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule

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