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New Simplified Pricing for Healthy Pets Plans for Dogs

We are always thinking of ways to improve our popular Preventative Healthcare Plan which is now providing great value for over 2000 pets in the Bicester area.

Bicester Vets Healthy Pets – what’s changed?

– We wanted to make our preventative healthcare plan as easy as possible to understand. From mid-2021 we have removed the two-tier system for dogs (Standard vs Plus Plan). We have also reduced the number of weight ranges to Small, Medium, Large and Giant dog. The aim is to simplify things for you, so it’s easier to join.

– Once you’ve joined, you can choose from our recommended products, the parasite control that suits you and your dog best. Spot-On vs tasty chew, tick cover or not. The choice is yours and our experienced staff will be able to guide you towards the best choice for you… and no difference in price!

Why Tick cover?

Ticks are being found increasingly in our area and many dogs holiday in areas like The New Forest or Lake District where ticks are commonplace.
Ticks can be picked up just by walking in fields and they attach themselves to the skin with barbs in their mouths. In some areas they can even spread diseases such as Lyme disease.
If you walk your dog in fields or forests then it’s worth considering tick protection.


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Monthly prices for the new Simplified Dog Plans are:

  • Dogs <15kg – £ 19.00 per month
  • Dogs 15 – 30kg – £ 20.00 per month
  • Dogs 30 – 60kg – £ 22.00 per month
  • Dogs 60 – 80kg – £ 25.00 per month


Here’s what’s included in your Dog Plan:

  • Annual booster vaccination & health check
  • Extra 6 month health check with the Vet
  • Parasite protection:
    • Comprehensive parasite protection to suit you and your dog
  • Extra discounts
    • 10 % off neutering, dentistry and pet food
    • 25% of pre-anaesthetic blood tests and intravenous fluids for routine day procedures
    • 50% discount on nail clips with the clinic nurse
    • 20 % discount on any further parasite treatments eg for foreign travel
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