cat at Bicester vets

“Fear Free” Veterinary Visits

We have been making a significant effort to ensure your pet’s visit to Bicester Vets is as enjoyable as possible. Our waiting room now has plug-in pheromones to help relieve anxiety in both dogs and cats.

These pheromones are odours that people can’t smell, but that are clinically proven to be calming for pets. These are also available to purchase from us, for use at home.

Our receptionists have a constant supply of treats and are more than happy, where medically appropriate, to treat your pet on their arrival and give them a fuss to make sure they feel welcome at the practice.

We are also now stocking Thunder shirts for dogs. These specially designed T-shirts apply constant pressure to the body in a similar way to swaddling an infant. They are proven to have great results in calming many anxious pets.

Top Tips for Your Next Visit to the Vets:

For cats and small dogs that travel in carriers, we recommend the following tips to make sure your pet’s journey to our practice is as pleasant and Fear Free as possible.

* Always place padding in the carrier. Folded towels or pet beds are great – rather than newspaper or nothing.
* Bring the carrier out 2-3 days before the appointment when possible, or ideally leave it out all year round, with the door open.
* Put treats nearby or inside the carrier.
* Periodically spray the carrier with a specific pheromone and also spray the insides and bedding 15-20mins prior to departure.
* Cover the top of the carrier with a towel leaving 1 or 2 sides open should your pet wish to look outward.
* Ensure your pet travels in a comfortable temperature.
* Always carry the box by supporting the base as just using a handle or strap often causes the carrier to swing and jolt the pet around.
* Keep the carrier as level as possible on the car seat.

If you feel there is anything else we can do to make your pet have a more positive experience then please get in touch.
There is an initiative called “Fear Free” which has loads of information on minimising stress on pets coming to vets and other situations as well.