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Weight clinics

An overweight pet is an unhealthy pet. Being overweight increases your pet’s likelihood of developing debilitating illnesses.

Dogs can suffer from arthritis, diabetes, respiratory problems and heart disease, whilst overweight cats are prone to diabetes, recurring bladder problems, poor grooming and arthritis. And don’t forget overweight rabbits who can be prone to flystrike and poor grooming.

To help you keep your pet at their correct weight, our nurses run weight clinics on most weekdays at specific times. Please call for information on times.

The clinic nurse can assist with a personalised diet plan for your pet, together with an exercise regime, regular weigh-ins and support through the process. You will then be invited for a regular weigh-in to track your pet’s progress.

Adolescent Health Checks

Your growing pet has specific needs when they are growing. To help ensure that they are getting all they need, the nurses at Bicester Vets hold regular clinics at 4 and 6 months for puppies & kittens (not rabbits) to answer any questions about diet, growing, training, worming etc.

For further information or to book an appointment, contact us via email: or telephone 01869 252077.

Nail Clipping

Our nurses are on hand to clip your pets nails during our Nurse Clinic appointments. Please phone for prices and to book an appointment.


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