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June Vaccination Amnesty for Dogs & Cats

We want to encourage people to get their pets fully protected again, so we are offering a vaccination amnesty, in which pets can have the full vaccination course for the price of a standard booster

Could your dog be a lifesaver?

We are looking to recruit some canine heroes to donate blood at our very first blood drive here at Bicester Vets!

7 Vaccinations this morning!

Been a tough morning at the ‘office’ for us today…! Seven first vaccinations for this absolutely gorgeous litter of Labradors

Summer Newsletter

My cat was very poorly over the weekend, having picked up a virus. She is now recovering well at home but I can’t thank Vet’s Emily and Cliff enough

Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

Veterinary nurses play a vital part in the care of your pets and we feel it is important to spread awareness about what they do

Summer Advice for Pet Rabbits

Summer is just around the corner so this is a great time to remind our rabbit owners about some potential hazards for their pets

Rosa stole and ate an onion!

We thought it was important to tell you about the toxic affects of onions in dogs with Rosa’s story

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