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Whilst we would never wish our beloved pets to have a serious illness or injury, the possibility is still very real. What would you do if your cat broke its leg or your dog had a life threatening gastroenteritis?

Many pet problems can be treated or cured but the cost can be significant and that’s where pet insurance can make a big difference.

Pet insurance pays partly for veterinary treatment for the insured pet who is ill or injured. Better policies may pay nearly all of the bill whilst cheaper policies may only pay a percentage of the bill. Some policies offer other benefits such as 3rd party damages, death benefit or assistance if the pet is lost or stolen.

Pet Insurance policies can vary enormously in what level of cover they give and whether they will continue to provide cover for ongoing illnesses like diabetes or arthritis. Here are our top pointers when looking for a pet insurance policy:

  • Make sure you understand what is covered, for how long and up to what amount. It can be very disappointing if your insurance cover runs out before the end of your pet’s treatment.
  • Cheaper premiums will give you less cover – this is your choice but make sure you are aware of the level of cover you are paying for.
  • Get some advice – Bicester Vets deal with pet insurance queries all the time and can give you helpful advice on what to look out for.

Above all, Pet Insurance is generally a great thing to have. It’s a way of planning for possible mishaps which can come at any time.


Having adopted a cockapoo just before Christmas, we called on Bicester Vets recently to aid our ‘blocked-up’ dog.

Caring and considerate, they dealt with the dogs issue swiftly and following a short stay with, he was able to return home a happier dog.

As he is insured, Bicester Vets dealt with the paperwork and within a week of our visit, confirmation from our insurance company was received advising that reimbursement was on its way.

Thanks to all involved, consider yourselves recommended; you made our lives very easy…and more importantly, returned our dog to health.

Client Andy

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