Our Absent Friends Gallery


Much missed. Angel was found by the rspca in heavy snow at Christmas with most of her fur missing as she had a flea allergy. By coincidence Angel was at BV and in the cage next to our boy Monza as she was being treated by them. I remember her vividly as I remarked on her missing fur to the nurse, who told me she was a blackberry farm cat. Six weeks later, after Monza lost his battle, she was at blackberry farm. When I took her records home, I realised she was the cat in the vets. So they are together again now. Xx


Sniff was a stray cat that we adopted before we moved house. We took him to bicester vets to get him healthy again and they worked miracles for our baby! We had cuddles and love for 6 years before sniff got cancer and passed away.
I will never be able to thank bicester vets enough for getting him healthy and helping us have the most amazing 6 years we could have asked for! Fly high Sniffy


Our beautiful dog Lady joined her friends today over the Rainbow Bridge. She was 15 years old and lived a very happy life until old age claimed her. Until we meet again.
Susan and Neil Wilson, Eve, Abby, Suzy, Cody and Oscar.

Violet Pickles

Violet aka Giddy, gone to find Gussy boy (her Daddy)
Bev & Phil

My Gussy Boy


We lost our darling little hairless cat, Pudding, on 11 February 2021. Pudding was a Russian Donskoy, and the sweetest boy – he would chirrup and squeak away non-stop, loved to play chase and fetch, and was never happier than when he was snuggling up for cuddles.

A gentle and loving soul, Pudding went everywhere with us (he did like a visit to The Angel pub on a Sunday), and he filled our home with mischief, love and cuddles for three short years.

We are utterly lost without him. Our heartfelt thanks go to Kyra, Louise, and the team; they did all they could to save him, but also showed great compassion to us. Pudding will be in our hearts always.
Bev & Phil


Nala lived an incredibly long life of 18 years. Unfortunately her age got the better of her as she suddenly went blind and developed and tumour and suspected cancer and we felt it was cruel to keep her with us. She was a very loved cat who did nothing but meow at her owners. She was a loved and beautiful cat and she truly is missed.

Thank you so much to Bicester Vets for caring for her so nicely on her last day with us.


Thanks for the care and compassion bestowed on me by all the staff at Bicester Vets.


Our handsome dog Sparky was put to sleep on the 3rd Sep 2020. He had a rare cancer which was incurable.

He was 12 years old. Sparky was a happy and sometimes stubborn Border Collie who was very clever. I can imagine him at the Rainbow Bridge with his tennis ball playing with our other dogs who went before him.

Until we meet again. We love you very much.
Susan and Neil Wilson
Sparky’s doggie friends who he left behind
Cody, Oscar, Lady, Eve, Abby and Suzy


Amid the pandemic, we had to help our 19 year old baby boy over the Rainbow Bridge. He moved here with us from the US, and loved spending time in the garden.

He loved cuddling with his dad and never left my side whilst I was having cancer treatments. He was adored by our daughters, who never knew a time without him.
He had kidney disease and declined very quickly.

I’m so thankful that both my husband, and myself could be with him. I was so distraught that I don’t even know the kind vet who helped us. We held him, and I heard his last breath. He was a rescue kitten, who was bottle fed. He was with me from 10 weeks.

We have a huge hole in our family now, but he is out of pain.

Winston was the most special boy.



We had Lumpy and her brother since they were babies. She was curious and feisty, thumping the ground if stray cats came near. After 8 incredibly healthy years, and in latter years the free rein of the back garden, we noticed she had lost a lot of weight. It was heart wrenching seeing her trying so hard to eat veraciously to put on weight and to desperately seek help from her humans, following us around rattling her hutch door, staying out to eat whatever the weather. After several tests which were inconclusive, she lost use of her legs and became unable to eat…it was time to face facts she would have no quality of life…suspected cancer. Her brother misses her as do we.

Thanks Bicester Vets for your care..we are devastated by her sudden loss.



We are all deeply upset at the loss of our Willow who we loved more than it is possible to describe.

She was such a lovely and loving cat and friend to us. We will all miss her so very much.

Bicester Vets were wonderful when Willow was ill and no-one seemed to know what was wrong with her. You gave her to us for much longer and we are so very grateful to you for that.

All our love,
Jenna, Amie, Talia, Rachael and Mathew


Ruby our very much loved 10 month old Puppy passed away at Bicester vets on 15th August. We will always be grateful to Lucy and all the team who desperately tried to save her life.

We only had her such a short time but we will never forget her. How we miss her racing Paddy to the door when we come home, she brought such happiness to everyone and every dog who knew her. RIP Ruby xx

Jenny Henman


Muppet really should’ve been born a cat, rattling through her would-be 9 lives. We’re gutted such a mischievous, self-absorbed, gorgeous little monkey has had to go and find her next adventure somewhere else – and well before her time too.

Special thanks to Cliff, whose unwavering attention meant we managed to pull her through a tricky time when she was much younger and who has been fantastic support ever since.

Always a horrible time losing a member of your family – and my original furry dog-child! – but helps when you have a great vet practice in the background.

Gemma Harris

Sonic and Truman

Sonic and Truman our two beautiful boys were put to sleep on the 6th Oct 2017. They had a long and happy life together until old age claimed them. Both of them were about 16 years old. Many thanks to Elaine and all the staff for the care they received over the years.

Love you always. Until we meet again.

Susan and Neil Wilson

Lady, Eve, Abby, Cody & Sparky


Jaffa Cat…………a once in a lifetime companion x

Piri Jackson


In three weeks we went from having a healthy, loving, beautiful, interactive and loving friend to having to make a horrendous and difficult decision.

Cliff, Lucy and all who helped at Bicester Vets were invaluable, compassionate and professional and for that we thank you. We miss Lamps beyond words but we had 10 years of loving him

Dave Kate & Dan Falvert-Martin


We lost our beautiful puppy Logan years too early at 19 weeks old. When he became ill he was admitted into the care of the best team of vets, nurses and receptionists you could wish for.

He fought hard for a week and we really thought he was going to come home but his illness got the better of him and despite trying everything in their power to make him better, he could not fight it anymore and we made the heart rendering decision to let him go.

He touched everyone’s hearts and lots of tears were shed during his stay. He had hour by hour care, love and attention from everyone but special thanks to Jason, Imogen, Helen, and Lucy who was with us at the end and helped us through the worse possible time.

Thanks to everyone at Bicester Vets for all their compassion and care.


On the 11th June I said a heartbreaking goodbye to my best friend .. my beautiful boy…Jack.

I rescued Jack when he was 6 months old, he’d not had a great start in life and was part of a neglect case, but I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He went from being this scrawny, underweight, nervous pup, to a unique, confident, gentle, intelligent, beautiful dog that had the biggest heart.

He did have numerous health problems throughout his life and Bicester Vets was like our second home, but no matter what he had to go through with his health, he never complained, or put up a protest once.

He had the most amazingly kind and gentle temperament and a beautiful soul and my world will always be a bit darker without him in it, but, I will always be forever grateful for having him for as long as I did.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to you all at Bicester vets, in particular Cliff.

You have done so much for both Jack and myself over the years always going that extra mile to get to the bottom of his problems, and always showing him nothing but kindness and compassion right up until the very end, I really can’t thank you all enough.

Charlotte Wilson, Bicester


It’s been just over a month now since we lost our wonderful labrador, Molly. Not a day goes by when she’s not in our thoughts.

Molly started with a cough when our other lab was diagnosed with a tumour. After tests we found Molly too had a tumour on in her lung and severe lung disease, then she got pancreatitis.

During Molly’s illness she had to spend a week in the vets and every day seemed to be touch and go, the care and compassion Molly received was amazing from all the vets, nurses, care assistants and reception.

When the awful day came to say goodbye everyone was amazing and for that we thank you, special thanks to Jason your compassion to Molly right up to the end meant a lot to us.

Molly was an amazing girl not many dogs will lay with no sedation for x-rays or ultrasounds but our brave girl did.

You will always be in our hearts RIP Molly xxxx

Laura & Nick Patrick, Bicester


Today we had the heart breaking decision to say goodbye to our faithful friend Benson. Less than 8yrs old we adopted him from Battersea and had 6yrs of long walks, ball games and unconditional love. Bicester Vets showed such compassion and I am so grateful for his care.

He peacefully slipped away with his head in my hands and part of my heart went with him.

Kate Wood, Bicester


Our golden girl Betty who gave us such joy, such a character, her daily antics, cheeky ways, and of course lovely fresh eggs.

Missed by us and especially dear Maud who has chosen to perch nightly in Bettys special place !

Thank you Bicester Vets and Staff who gave such wonderful care…

Anne & John, Charlton on Otmoor


We would like to thank you for looking after our Charlie when he became very poorly. Richard dealt with it all in a compassionate way and Im sure that everyone did everything they could to make my boy better and im very grateful for that. Thank you to Richard and the team that helped make his last few hours the most comfortable for him.

Charlie will leave a huge hole in my heart, he was my stubborn, naughty boy but also my best mate, and his memory will remain forever.

Thanks again
Deb x

Debbie Phelps, Bicester


My sincere thanks to all of you for taking care of Clydie since I moved to Bicester. Most of all to you Jason as you knew her the most. That being so, it helped a great deal that it was you who ended her life so peacefully. As you said on that day she was ready to go.

She gave me 18 wonderful years! She really was my “soulmate”. I miss her so much!

My thanks once again.

For any pet owner its great to have a Vet Practice you can trust.

Mrs Jenny Linares Martin, Bicester


My beautiful Cisco was put to sleep on 15th August 2012 .. what a heartbreaking day that was.

Tests were done to show he had secondary cancer .. didn’t know he had cancer in the first place. I kept him for a couple of days more then I took him to the surgery. I walked in in tears because I couldn’t bring him in knowing it was his last journey.

The vet had to come to the car with me. For the first time ever Cisco spat at the vet so I carried him in. I was with him while he passed away then I broke down.

The staff were brilliant. I was broken. I felt so guilty. He was my constant companion for 15 years. I was his mum. It still hurts so much to think about it. I have an 18 year old cat and am dreading the day his time comes.
Thank you to the staff

Julie, Bicester


I would recommend Bicester Vets to anybody!

My Akita was very, very poorly a lot through his life and he made it to the grand age of 12 (actually 1 week shy of his 13th birthday) due to the fabulous staff there. He had to be rushed in 4 times with bloat and twice with a twisted stomach, all of these times I was lucky enough to be around when he got it, rushed him in (usually in the middle of the night) and they saved his life every time.

I can’t thank them all enough, not just the vets but the great vet nurses and receptionists too! He had LOTS of other things wrong over the years and they were all so caring and compassionate.

I also found my 10ft python submerged in water in his vivarium, he was completely unresponsive and I rushed him in (he had turned white from his usual bright yellow colour).

This wasn’t a regular day to day pet and you can safely say they have never dealt with a nearly drowned python before but they pulled out all the stops and saved him too!!!


Michelle Slaymaker, Twyford


I would like to thank everyone at Bicester Vets for being so compassionate and caring when looking after my rabbits, especially Pippa who is sadly no longer with us. She was a lovely rabbit with such a good nature; very trusting and loving and she loved nothing more than having a hop round the garden, nibbling dandelions and carrot tops!

Unfortunately, she suffered fly strike one summer so I rushed her straight in and the care she received was second to none. The nursing staff even picked her some dandelions to tempt her to eat (which worked a treat!), and I”m pleased to say she made a full recovery.

Pippa had a few problems throughout her life, but she was always well cared for by everyone at Bicester Vets and I cannot recommend you highly enough. We still miss Pippa now, but know she had a happy life made all the more comfortable by the treatment she received.

Thank you again. x

Mrs. England, Bicester

Foxy Lady

It is now two years since we lost our beautiful Hamiltonstovare – Foxy Lady.

We have nothing but praise for everyone at Bicester Vets who nursed our lovely girl after she was diagnosed with a suspected brain tumour. Five months after her problems started she had reached the point of us having to let her go – 7 weeks before her 14th birthday.

Our memory of her last visit to Bicester Vets is very sad but also made us realise what a truly compassionate person Jason is. His kindness toward us and Foxy, and the gentle way he spoke to her will always be remembered by us.

We feel honoured to have owned such a beautiful, loving girl, who gave us so much pleasure, as a well loved pet and a winner in the show ring.

We will never forget her.

Thanks again.

Pat Skelton, Bicester


“Man” was a stray tom-cat who found his way to our family home. After a lot of patience and coaxing he soon made himself comfortable and became Lord of the manor dominating over our two other cats.

Unfortunately he developed diabetes. He was a mature boy when he joined us and he managed a good year being treated for this medical condition.

He came such a long way from the shy hissing defensive cat to one which I could inject with insulin twice a day and have such lovely snuggles with. I will always miss how vocal he was at telling me off for leaving him during the day and how he would reward me with the loudest purrs.

He was such a butch cat but an absolute softy to me.

Bicester vets were always very helpful. I would have to bring him in on a regular basis and always late in the day with very little notice. They always found time for me and my boy.

He was worth every penny of treatment.

Thanks guys.

Carolyn, Bicester


Stripey was left at Bicester Vets after his first owner died and we had the privilege of taking him on. He was a lovely,gentle and very friendly cat who was loved by the whole family. He was a complete softy and brilliant with children. He will be missed. It is odd to sit down and not have him immediately climb on my lap.

We would like to thank all the staff for looking after him especially in the last few months. We could not have received a better service or level of care.

Ireland Family, Bicester


My beautiful Lexi was found dead on 25th August, aged just 14 months.

I’d had her from when she was only 24 hours old as she was kicked out of the litter. We hand raised her and, even though she was the smallest thing, she fought hard and against the odds grew up to be the most wonderful cat I’ve ever known.

Thanks to Cliff and all at Bicester Vets who helped me with her in those early days.

The bond with her was very different to my previous cats and her death has left a significant Lexi shaped hole in my heart. She was intelligent, inquisitive, talkative, loving, naughty, playful,confident and incredibly charismatic. She will be missed forever and a day.

Sweet dreams puss cat.

Liz, Bicester


It will be two years on the 17th September Misty since I had to make that really awful choice in having you put to sleep, a terrible choice but most certainly the right one.

You bit me every day for six years and at the end you just kept spinning like a top on the kitchen floor, I know I made the right choice but it was so hard to come to terms with.

We have young Mollie now and sometimes she just sits looking up at the stairs, I feel that you are keeping a watch over all of us which gives me a bit of comfort.

I know it was almost two years ago but I would still like to thank Bicester Vets for all their help during that sad time, You’re all so caring wonderful people and nothing is too much trouble, the vets receptionists beat the doctors receptionists hands down, so lovely.

Thank you so so much

Carol and Alex xx

Carol Carter, Bicester


Daisy left us on the 8th July after a 2 year battle with poor health. With the help of Lucy and Cliff she was able to enjoy those 2 extra years as much as she could. She we our happy little companion and we all miss her terribly.

Helen, Somerton


On the 9th December I received the worst of calls from you about my little girl. Amelie came all the way from Italy with me and her brothers and I’m sure she had lived happy months here in England in her garden and nearby, free to explore.

We miss her so much, but I owe you a big thank you for your kindness in such a sad moment.

Sara, Bicester


Mary passed away on 20th Feb 2013. She will be missed as she was part of the family. I would just like to say a big thank you to Bicester Vets

Claire Campbell, Bicester


I am writing to thank you and all vets and nursing staff who looked after Nelson during the past 17 years.

Nelson started life as an unprepossessing bundle of energy and fluff that no one seemed to want. I adopted him when he was barely six weeks old and within a few months he grew into a handsome cat with a beautiful, gentle nature. He was sociable, loyal (an attribute not often attached to cats), affectionate and my constant companion for 17 years. He is greatly missed. I miss his greeting when I return home, no matter how late; I miss him curling up beside me on the sofa and his general presence around the house.

Thankyou for making the last hours of his life comfortable and pain free.

Just after Nelson was put down . I had a very bad time coming to terms with the decision I had to make and all the things I could have done which may have made a difference to Nelson’s life leading up to that awful day. I called the practice in the hope of speaking to you, just to confirm that I had not been too hasty terminating Nelson’s life; he looked so well when I came to see him at the surgery, I was convinced I could take him home but you were on holiday and so spoke to a young assistant/receptionist who demonstrated such sincerity, patience and understanding, in what I’m sure was a difficult situation. She is a positive asset to the practice and I hope that she continues her career with Bicester Vets for many years to come.

Yours with gratitude.

Lillian Carter, Wicken


9/1/10 to 1/9/12. Dave was a very cool Hamster.

He was a one off, totally laid back and even serious injury didn’t stop his enthusiasm for having fun. Eternal thanks to Dr Cliff and all staff at Bicester Vets for their help through a very traumatic time.

Dave will be forever missed but always remembered.


Carol Widdowson, Bicester


This is our beautiful cat Maisie she was put to sleep on the 14th of February 2013. I cant remember the last day I ever cried so much I was devastated.

Me, my mum and my sister all came with her and were all there when she took her last breaths. I broke down and couldn’t control my crying but I could not leave her.

We got her when I was 5 and she had been my best friend for nearly 14 years. It’s upsetting but I’m glad she’s no longer in pain. I’d like to say thank you to the staff as they were all very kind and friendly and it made her passing just that little bit easier to take. So Thank You.

Emma, Bicester


We would like to thank you for your exemplary care & kindness for Preston. She was a very special cat to us – a real member of the family, constantly by our side throughout her waking day – we miss her greatly.

But we are comforted by the fact that she could not have had better care or treatment which we are sure prolonged her life significantly without any loss of quality.

And at last, when there was no more hope, you dealt with her passing in a kind & sensitive way for which we remain very grateful.

It may be a time before we share our home with another cat, but please be sure we would choose no other vet.

Would you please pass on our thanks to the other members of your team.

Valerie & Mike Head, Edgcott