Weight control and dietary advice

dalmatian in front of foodWe all know the importance of eating sensibly and of avoiding obesity. Bicester Vets can provide comprehensive dietary advice and products to suit individual pets and owners.

For pets that are overweight, Bicester Vets’ nurses run obesity clinics and they have full access to all the current prescription diets that are recommended for various ailments.

All the food at Bicester Vets is sold at the manufacturers recommended retail price and is either held in stock or can be available next working day via a wholesaler. An important part of all pets’ preventative healthcare is good nutrition.

A good, complete dry food diet can contribute to optimum growth, maintain a healthy weight, a healthy digestive system and help prevent tartar build up on teeth.

Inappropriate feeding and the excessive use of treats can lead to obesity, a very common medical condition in many of our pets.

Obesity can lead to joint problems and lameness, diabetes, heart disease and a reduced quality of life due to a lack of energy and inability to exercise.

At Bicester Vets, we recommend and feed our own Pets Royal Canin diets. They produce diets not only for our different sizes of dogs from “mini” Yorkshire Terriers, to “giant” Great Danes, but also for each lifestage from puppies to mature dogs meeting each category of dogs needs in various ways.
Royal Canin provide diets for cats from kitten to a senior cat, which include special nutrition for male and female cats following neutering which makes them prone to weight gain and urinary problems and older cats prone to kidney disease.

For any advice on diets and nutrition, please call and book an appointment to see one of Bicester Vets’ nurses in their free weight clinic. Telephone 01869 252077

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