Meko is a very lovable male chihuahua owned by a very dear, long-term client named Rita. Unfortunately, Meko is afflicted with allergies so, without medication, he gets scurfy, itchy, red skin plus watery eyes and sore ears.

Over the years we’ve managed to get most of these under control, but flare ups are inevitable.

Earlier this year Meko had a stay at the practice to help his owner who was struggling to medicate his ears. After a few days Meko’s eyes became sore as his corneas began to spontaneously ulcerate.

This is a very painful condition as the outer layer of tissue on the cornea broke down leaving pitted lesions which failed to respond to treatment.

Meko & Scarlett with Vet Sarah
As Saturday arrived, Meko’s corneas were dangerously at risk of rupturing with a real risk of losing his eyes altogether.
Fortunately, we could get Meko to see Ophthalmic specialist Vet Mike Rhodes who pulled out all the stops to save Meko’s eyes.

Using an operating microscope and tiny instruments he was able to perform a delicate operation where he created a sliver of healthy cornea from beside the ulcer.

This fragile corneal tissue was transferred across the ulcer and stitched in place using tiny sutures to create a patch known as a corneo-conjunctival graft. Then came the long wait to see if the graft would survive and then whether Meko would be able to see at the end of it all.

Meko remained hospitalised for some time so that we could intensively medicate his eyes. Initially, he was unable to see through the repaired corneas which had a hazy cloudiness because of fluid build-up in the corneal tissue.

Mike had checked his retinas before the surgery and was reasonably confident that his eyes were functioning, but it all depended on the grafts “taking” and the corneas healing themselves back to as normal as possible.

It’s been a long few months since the surgery with lots of dedication from Rita and her friend who religiously medicated his eyes multiple times daily. Most of his aftercare has been overseen by Vet Helen who has had specific extended training in ophthalmology. She kept the specialist informed of progress and between them all the results are amazing!

Incredibly, Meko can now see again. He is happy, content and comfortable. He has a friend called Scarlett – a Pomeranian who is even smaller than he is! They get on famously and are both great company for Rita.

Meko may need lubricating drops in his eyes for the rest of his life but that’s a small price to pay for his eyesight which could have been lost forever!

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Jason Williams
Bicester Vets

Meko 1 day post op
Meko 1 month post op
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