BVA Eye Testing

What is the Eye Scheme?

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) in association with the Kennel Club (KC) and the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) run a screening programme for hereditary eye diseases in dogs.

The scheme involves an eye examination by someone on the eye panel (like Mike Rhodes) and is a means of identifying ocular conditions in dogs (both inherited and non-inherited). The majority of dogs being tested on the scheme are pedigree dogs with known inherited disease of the eye, but all dogs of all breeds (including cross-breeds) can be tested.

What is involved in the eye test?

A detailed eye examination is performed using specialist ocular equipment following the application of eye drops which dilate the pupils.

The examination takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes, although the drops to dilate the pupils take 20 minutes to actually work i.e. you need to arrive approximately 30 minutes before your allocated eye test appointment time.

If your dog requires Gonioscopy, which means examination of the drainage angle to screen for a condition called goniodysgenesis then no drops are required.

Which dogs are eligible for an eye test?

The scheme is open to all breeds including crossbreeds BUT all dogs must be permanently identified by microchip or tattoo.

In addition, puppies in a litter can be examined and screened for inherited congenital eye diseases between the ages of 5 and 12 weeks. Again, ALL puppies need to have been microchipped.

How often does the test need to be carried out?

Breeding adult dogs standard eye test = every year Breeding adult dogs Gonioscopy = every 3 years Puppy testing / litter screen = a one off test between 5 and 12 weeks of age

How much does it cost?

The cost of the eye tests are set by the BVA and are as follows:

DescriptionCost ex VAT per dogCost inc VAT
1st dog£46.70£56
Extra dogs in same ownership£41.25£49.50
Group testing (25 or more)£32.50£39
Examination of dogs over 8 years£27.50£33
Gonioscopy per dog - no discount for more than one£46.70£56
Gonioscopy at time of routine examination£41.25£49.50
Litter screening (5 to 12 weeks)
1 to 3 puppies£28.33£34 per litter
Per puppy thereafter£9.17£11 per puppy
Duplicate copy of certificate£30£36

For more information about hereditary eye diseases in dogs see:

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