With the increasing popularity of keeping chickens, we appreciate that our clients deserve to have a Vet with a more in-depth knowledge about chicken health.

In recent years we have sent three of our Vets on a full day course to refresh and update their knowledge of chicken husbandry and diseases – specifically aimed at people keeping chickens on a smaller scale.

Client Clara the chicken checking her health records at Bicester Vets!

Client Clara the chicken checking her health records at Bicester Vets!

So now the practice is better equipped to deal with your pet chicken problems which we trust will provide a great service to owners of these increasingly popular birds.

Along with the extra training we have also subscribed the practice as members of a chicken interest group which gives us access to a wealth of expertise from a specialist poultry vet practice. It also allows us to purchase chicken specific medications in smaller quantities to suit individual chickens.

As a client of Bicester Vets you can also register at www.chickenvet.co.uk which will give you access to discounts & newsletters as well as an introductory welcome pack after a one off payment of £15.

So we trust that you will find this a real step forward for Bicester Vets as we adapt to the ever increasing popularity of “The Backyard Chicken”.

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