Vet Lucy Dobree knew she had to act quickly and before long had Casper anaesthetised and ready for x-ray. She was very surprised to find that Casper had inhaled what looked like a pebble.

Now cats are usually pretty clever about things like this and inhaling a pebble is quite a feat – not something you’d really expect to see. But that’s one of the challenges of being a Vet as there are always new things to surprise you!

A cats trachea (windpipe) is about 5mm (1/4″) diameter so not an easy place to try to fish things out of, Yet with great patience and precision Vets Lucy, Claire & Cliff along with nurse Jenny were able to ease the pebble out with the help of a 4 pronged grasper.

Casper was very lucky to have been found in time and especially fortunate that the pebble was able to be removed successfully.

Who knows how a cat was able to inhale a pebble in the first place but we trust it isn’t likely to happen again. Casper is now safely at home with his brother Bam-Bam curled up on the sofa well away from any more pebbles!!