If you haven’t registered your dog as a potential donor, it’s never too late to do so!

If you own, or know someone with a large dog in the Bicester area, get involved by clicking the Pet Blood Bank link or by calling us on 01869 252077.

We will be holding sessions regularly and will always be on the lookout for more lifesavers.

As with people, there is always an overwhelming demand for blood that exceeds supply. That’s why we need as many volunteers as possible to sign up.

Donor dogs need to meet the following criteria:

1. Be aged between 1 and 8 years
2. Weigh more than 25kg/55lbs
3. Be in good general health
4. Be up to date with their annual vaccinations
5. Have no history of travel abroad
6. Have no history of a murmur, seizures or fainting
7. Be willing and able to lie quietly for a tummy rub for 10-15 minutes while they donate

Great Dane blood donor at Bicester vets
Lovely quote from our client Kirsty about her wonderful Great Dane:

My pup is pretty excitable and a scaredy cat! But the team at PBB knew exactly how to keep her calm and I was right by her nose the whole time.

She loved the cuddles and treats after too… Would definitely recommend giving this a go, even if you have a scaredy cat like me lol


To make sure they are in top shape, all donors have a full blood screen checked on a yearly basis, free of charge. And to top it off, all canine heroes are given a goodie bag and bandana so they can show off to all their friends.

Dogs are able to donate blood up to 4 times in the space of a year, meaning that as many as sixteen other dogs could be helped all thanks to your pet!

If you think your dog could be a donor or if you have any questions, please call the practice during working hours on 01869 252077 or drop an e-mail to contact@bicestervets.co.uk

Did you know dogs can have different blood types and that some are rarer than others?

When it comes to typing blood for a transfusion, there are two main types we are concerned about; DEA 1.1 positive and DEA 1.1 negative. The negative blood type is much less common and there is an overwhelming demand. So what can we do?

You might be able to help!

Although any breed can donate, research has found that the following breeds are more likely to have this rare blood type:
mastiff dog and 2 puppies• Airedales
• American Bulldogs
• Boxers
• Dobermans
• English Bull Terriers
• Flat Coated Retrievers
• German Shepherds
• Greyhounds
• Lurchers
• Mastiffs
• Pointers
• Weimaraners

So whether your companion is one of these breeds or not, please come forward to donate! Any donor dog needs to be aged between 1-8 years, be in good health and weigh over 25kg.

Building Plans for 2024

Building Plans for 2024

We have also commenced a major construction project externally which will add significantly to the facilities we can offer to our patients

Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

Ava is now seven months on from her surgery. She is very lively and is behaving like a puppy again!