We’ve now been in lockdown for the first 4 weeks of January. The Covid statistics have been awful and the tragedies and pressures felt by so many people due to this pandemic, are far reaching and will continue many month and years to come.

As this lockdown started, people were told to stay at home and avoid non-essential travel. At that time, we decided to reduce routine non-emergency work once again, so some routine neuterings and vaccination boosters have been postponed.

Although the lockdown continues, the case rates across the country & particularly in Cherwell are reducing steadily and we feel a phased return to some routine work is now appropriate.

It isn’t a return to “business as usual”, but we will once again be booking in routine neutering of all pets. We will also be booking routine boosters at or soon after they are “due” – please be assured that small delays in boosters are perfectly safe.

Bicester vets nurse with facemask

Thank you all for being there for our pets during this time. We do appreciate you! xx

Tracey, Bicester

I’m afraid there are some routine procedures which we still will not be doing at this time:

  • Routine health checks including Healthy Pets Plan 6 monthly checks
  • Nurse adolescent checks and weight clinics
  • Routine nail clips – if your pet has an issue with their nails then of course we will see them

We hope this small change will help our clients whilst ensuring we maintain a responsible approach to working though the pandemic.

Stay safe and enjoy your pets.

Bicester Vets

Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

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A Corny Tale

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