The gorgeous Luna came to see us for her second vaccination today – just look at that face!

Why vaccinate?

Vaccinations, when given regularly, give your dog long-term protection against serious and sometimes fatal infectious disease.

What diseases do we vaccinate against?

• Canine Parvovirus
This is a highly contagious, potentially fatal viral disease. It is spread through infected faeces and can survive in the environment for several years. Symptoms include severe fever, vomiting and severe diarrhoea.

Vaccination is the ONLY certain method of preventing this devastating disease. Unfortunately, we still regularly treat unvaccinated dogs with this disease but treatment is very costly and a number of dogs die despite the best treatments.

• Canine Distemper
This, less common, but highly contagious viral disease can be fatal. It affects the breathing, digestive and nervous systems and usually leads to death.

If they survive they can suffer from seizures, twitches and tremors for the rest of their lives. It is spread as an airborne infection and vaccination continues to be the only effective means of prevention.

• Infectious Canine Hepatitis
This is a viral infection that effects the liver and can cause permanent liver damage and sometimes death. It is fairly uncommon in Ireland, but it still exists and can be fatal

• Leptospirosis
This is a bacterial infection which targets the liver and kidneys leading to jaundice, kidney failure and death. This bacteria can be contracted from the environment, especially around waterways and areas exposed to rat urine.

It may also be transmitted to people causing an equally serious disease called Weil’s disease.

• Kennel Cough (Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis)
This is a highly contagious cough caused by a complex of both viral and bacterial infections. These infections cause inflammation of the dog’s voice box and windpipe resulting in a persistent dry cough. In some cases it can lead to secondary infections such as pneumonia or further lung damage.

Kennel cough can be spread through aerosols in the air, directly from dog to dog, or through germs on contaminated objects. Therefore if your dog is going into kennels or is in regular contact with other dogs we would recommend regular vaccination

Building Plans for 2024

Building Plans for 2024

We have also commenced a major construction project externally which will add significantly to the facilities we can offer to our patients

Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

Ava is now seven months on from her surgery. She is very lively and is behaving like a puppy again!