Great New Discounts Available for Members of Bicester Vets Healthy Pets

We’re always trying to improve the benefits of our great preventative healthcare plan. The plan has now been running for over 3 years and we have well over 1000 pets taking advantage of the benefits available in the plan.

Vet Elaine examining a happy Labrador at Bicester vets

Great Benefits

The monthly payment plan has always provided great value for money to our clients with around a 20% saving built in to the pricing of the plan. This increases if you have 2 or more pets on the plan as they will all receive an added 5% discount on their payments.

Along with the comprehensive parasite control, booster vaccination visit, 6 monthly Vet Health-Check visit included in the plan there are also great discounts on other items such as:

* 10% discount off any purchases of food for Healthy Pets Members
* 10% discount off neutering or dental procedures

New Benefits Included

* Members are now eligible for a FREE microchip no matter what age the pet is (presuming they aren’t already chipped of course)
* 20 % discount on any extra parasite control products such as household flea spray or tick control products if required (this used to be just 5% discount)
* 50% discount on nail clipping with the nurse

So if you haven’t thought about joining the plan for your pets why not give us a call or drop in to discuss the benefits. Click here to read more on our Bicester Vets Healthy Pets Information page.

Just a reminder that Bicester Vets Healthy Pets is a preventative healthcare plan. It doesn’t provide benefits for sickness or injury which is where Pet Insurance becomes very important. For more information click here to see our Pet Insurance information page.

Dexter was ill over the last couple of days and we took him in this morning and what can I say other than the guys have been amazing. After a day of tests and scans he is home and resting.

He is my life. Thank you


Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

Hip Hip Hooray for Ava

Ava is now seven months on from her surgery. She is very lively and is behaving like a puppy again!

A Corny Tale

A Corny Tale

Vet Cliff Maw performed a superficial digital flexor tenotomy on Sidney the Whippet