This beautiful girl is Jilly and we thought we would share her story with you!

Jilly came to us 2 weeks ago because she had stopped eating and was vomiting.
After an ultrasound scan, it was found that Jilly had thickened intestines. Unfortunately, this can either mean, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or Lymphoma, a type of cancer.

Jilly had a feeding tube placed to help her get the nutrients she needs whilst she was not eating. This involves placing a tube into the oesophagus, which runs to the stomach, meaning nurses can give patients their recommended daily allowance of a liquid food, if for whatever reason, they do not want or cannot eat.

cat Jilly being hugged by nurse at Bicester Vets
cat Jilly being hugged by nurse at Bicester Vets
cat Jilly in kennel at Bicester Vets

Gut biopsies were taken of Jilly and these have come back thankfully, confirming IBD.
Jilly has been doing very well and has started eating more and is becoming a lot brighter.

In the long term, Jilly will need to be fed a special diet and will be put onto steroids. This will hopefully mean that her IBD can be well managed and she will be a happy little cat again.

She has been a great patient to look after and we are happy to see her doing so well!