x ray of spoon in dog's stomach Bicester vets When Jess the vet got a call from Sara the on duty nurse at Bicester Vets she was amazed at the emergency ahead. Maximus had been eating his food off a spoon (which he often did) but at the end of the mouthful he decided to swallow the spoon as well!

Mrs Nasir quickly phoned Bicester Vets and before long he was sedated and having an x-ray to check if he really had swallowed the tea-spoon. It was very easy to see the metal spoon lodged in the oesophagus very close to the stomach, so the next dilemma was how to get it out.

Some quick thinking by vet Jess Cross saved the need for an operation as she was able to guide an endoscope down into his oesophagus to fish out the spoon with a neat little wire loop.

So Maximus was able to go home with nothing more than a slightly sore throat and now he his infamy is spreading with a story in the local paper and numerous “likes” on Facebook!