As of mid March, 27 dogs have been confirmed as suffering from an illness similar to a condition known as Alabama Rot which occurred in the 1980’s in America.

The proper name is idiopathic cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy and it affects the blood vessels of the skin and kidneys causing non-healing skin sore as well as kidney failure. The disease seems to strike quickly and treatment isn’t always successful.

The cause of the disease is unknown but a lot of research is underway to try to piece together the puzzle.

The condition has affected a number of dogs over the past 18 months with about half of them thought to have contracted it whilst walking in The New Forest. It must be remembered that the numbers of dogs affected is still very low considering the size of the UK dog population but for those affected it can be devastating.

Early signs of the disease can include swellings or sores often on the legs or head with no history of trauma. Dogs can become dull, stop eating and start being sick as the disease progresses to kidney failure. The advice remains to seek veterinary attention if you are concerned about your pet.

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