From our Veterinary Correspondent Jason Williams
A Nice Quiet Day at the Office…

Wednesday started like many days at the vets with a couple of routine cat neuterings, a “tricky” cat that needed sedation for blood sampling and a large, friendly Rotty who was in for knee surgery due to a ruptured cruciate ligament. However, there were also 2 other dogs who had been in for a couple of days.

Both were obviously not well and uncomfortable but the cause wasn’t absolutely clear. The diagnostic process is often challenging and test results can sometimes be confusing rather than helpful! The important thing is to try to get as close to the correct diagnosis as possible, within the resources available and in a time frame which allows us to treat the problem and hopefully end up with a happy, well pet and an equally happy owner.

Wednesday became crunch-time for these two dogs as we called in our specialist ultrasonographer to perform abdominal scans on them both. This was absolutely the right move as she was able to diagnose a urinary blockage near the kidney in one of our patients.

A kidney stone had caused the ureter to rupture and he needed emergency surgery to remove the kidney before the leakage poisoned his system.

The other dog also required an emergency operation to remove 6 inches of small intestine which had perforated causing peritonitis – a life threatening infection throughout the abdomen.

So at 4.30pm, when we are usually launching into evening surgery, we had 4 Vets operating on critical patients leaving just 2 Vets to see most of the 21 consultations due to arrive.

As per usual, our clients were extremely understanding, despite their extended waiting times and the mood remained pretty jolly; oblivious to the stress within the operating theatre.

I’m pleased to report that both dogs are now comfortable and eating well just 48hrs later and I trust that they’ll be heading home in the next couple of days. Yet again we are reminded that “no two days are the same at the Vets”!

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Best wishes
Jason Williams Bicester Vets

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