Onion toxicity in cats gets a lot of publicity but we thought it was important to tell you about its toxic affects in dogs too with Rosa’s story

Rosa came in to see Vet Emily as her owner had noticed that she had extremely bloody urine. When Emily was talking to her owners it was noted that Rosa had stolen an onion the day before.

After doing some tests on her blood and urine Rosa was seen to be anaemic and she had very high liver enzymes.

Spaniel Rosa at Bicester Vets

When we sent her blood to the lab for further investigations a special type of blood cell called an ‘eccentrocyte’ was seen under the microscope; this cell is commonly caused by oxidative damage which can be caused by onion toxicity.

Thankfully with supportive therapy at Bicester Rosa has made a full recovery. We’ve attached a picture of Rosa looking gorgeous, fit and happy.

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