The warmer weather of spring and longer days bring with them concerns for your pets.

• Ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Cats are more likely to roam outdoors and increase their territories. This makes them more likely to fight and be exposed to viruses that we can protect them from such as Feline Leukaemia.

• Male dogs are likely to run off after the scent of bitches in season and this too exposes them to more viruses as they come into contact with other dogs. Spring time also means more puppies and those early vaccinations are vital.

• Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. If your pet has eaten chocolate, use this handy calculator to assess if it is toxic or not – Chocolate toxicity calculator

Puppy and rose at Bicester vets

• It is also good time to have your pet identichipped.

• Ensure that your cats are neutered from 5-6 months to prevent unwanted pregnancies and fighting.

• Reassess your flea and worm control as the warmer weather means more flea pupae hatching and more problems with fleas and worms!

• Daffodils in the house in a jar of water may look pretty but be aware that indoor cats that may drink the water or eat the flowers can end up very ill. The same goes for lilies in the home – they are poisonus to your cats.

• On a more positive note; at Bicester Vets, we advise that all pets that have over-indulged over the winter are taken out for longer walks in the kinder weather to work off their fat rolls!

Exceptional service, over and beyond. We are so grateful to the kindness of the vets and nursing staff who cared for Sweepy our GSD boy.

Special thanks to Lucy and Chris and the night staff for making arrangements to keep him stable and comfortable until I could get there. The kindness and compassion shown to us and to our boy are appreciated more than we can say.


A Corny Tale

A Corny Tale

Vet Cliff Maw performed a superficial digital flexor tenotomy on Sidney the Whippet

Jett’s Fractured Foot

Jett’s Fractured Foot

When Jett was brought to the practice one Sunday in late January, his back foot was hugely swollen & painful

Scanning for Answers

Scanning for Answers

The level of detail we can now see, even compared to the last machine we had from 5 years ago, is amazing