Over the last few months we have welcomed two new Vets to the practice.

Emily (left) and Kyra (right) both qualified from Nottingham university this year and have both been great additions to the team!

Emily joined us in June and enjoys internal medicine and working up complicated medical cases.
She enjoys a bit of sailing outside of work and regularly runs, completing the Brighton Marathon a few years ago!

Kyra joined us in July and has a keen interest in surgery and emergency care.

She enjoys scuba diving and has a 6 year old thoroughbred horse that she hopes to compete with next year!

Welcome to the Bicester Vets Team girls. You have both been a pleasure to work with in the past few months!

June Vaccination Amnesty for Dogs & Cats

We want to encourage people to get their pets fully protected again, so we are offering a vaccination amnesty, in which pets can have the full vaccination course for the price of a standard booster

Could your dog be a lifesaver?

We are looking to recruit some canine heroes to donate blood at our very first blood drive here at Bicester Vets!