Over this New Year period many people will reflect on their lifestyles and make changes to improve their levels of health.

It is very common now for people to take “wellness” very seriously and the same can be said for our pets.

Did you know that many Vet practices now offer Healthcare Plans for Pets?

These plans offer a great way to spread the cost of routine preventative care for your pet, whilst ensuring that your pet receives high quality preventative products and services.

Most plans will cover the cost of the annual health-check & booster, plus another health-check 6 months later; as well as some routine parasite control covering things like fleas and worms.

Along with this there may be discounts offered on other preventative procedures like neutering and dentistry. There may even be discounts on pet food purchases.

These plans generally offer excellent value for money when compared to buying the individual products and services; and they also allow you to spread the cost like you would with your energy bills.
But, like so many things, not all plans are the same.

Cheaper plans are likely to give less protection, for instance, they may not protect against lungworm, so make sure you are aware of what is covered by your plan.

At Bicester Vets we have been promoting our Bicester Vets Healthy Pets plan for nearly 7 years. For many people this provides exceptional value for money for their pet’s Preventative Healthcare.

What’s more we have introduced our Plus Plan for dogs which includes added tick protection using convenient monthly tablets.

So, when you’re thinking about getting back in shape in 2019, don’t forget about your pet’s health too. Maybe starting a Preventative Healthcare Plan for your dog, cat or rabbit will be just the start they need.

Happy new year from us all

Bicester Vets

My dog Dennis loves coming here, the staff are friendly and always willing to help no matter what time of day and night, I wouldn’t take my animals anywhere else.


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