This lovely lot were in today to be neutered and as they were all adorably cute, we thought we’d use this opportunity to talk about castrations and spays!

There are many pros to neutering your pet including both health and behavioural. It is also important to remember that unwanted litters are far too common and neutering your pet helps to control the problem.

If you have any questions about castrating or spaying your pet, our nurses run adolescent checks for pets from 4-12 months old or alternatively, you can speak to one of our Vets, or read more here about the pros and cons of neutering.

The RSPCA also have a great website which may be able to answer any of your questions. Visit:

dogs and cats in for neutering at Bicester Vets

I have used Bicester vets for years and have found both staff and vets just wonderful. Reception staff are always helpful and caring. As for the vets and their patience and dedication, along with a welcome smile and sensitive manner, Bicester vets is just amazing and I would happily recommend them to anyone wishing for a caring and compassionate approach.

They are always willing to explain things thoroughly and where options for treatment are available for your pet, this too is explained in detail. I don’t have a car and my cat who gets very stressed being put in a cat carrier I request a home visit whenever she has been unwell – They never question this, nor make you feel guilty for asking for one, and this is invaluable to me.

Excellent team of vets!


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