Vaccination is a vital part of preventative healthcare for our pets


boy and dogVaccination provides essential protection against specific deadly & debilitating infectious diseases. We are aware that vaccination can sometimes lapse and this can leave our pets unprotected.

If the lapse is long then a vaccination course is advisable to ensure immunity is back to full strength.

At Bicester Vets we want to encourage people to get their pets fully protected again, so we are offering a vaccination amnesty, in which pets can have the full vaccination course for the price of a standard booster.

So your pet will be fully protected but you’ll only pay the price of the standard annual booster! That’s just £41.50 for dogs and £48.25 for cats including cat flu/enteritis & leukaemia.

Gorgeous puppy at Bicester Vets

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And don’t forget that every vaccination includes:

• a full clinical examination and health check
• a chance to discuss any queries you have
• a free nail clip if required

p.s. You might also want to consider our Preventative Health Care Plan called Bicester Vets Healthy Pets.

Have a look at our Bicester Vets Healthy Pets information page and be sure to discuss this with the Vet when you come in for your Vaccination Amnesty Course.